Chocolate Barbiee Billionaire Club & Foundation

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Chocolate Barbiee Billionaire Club and Foundation are set up to help and assist people worldwide including financial and economy issues, runaways, human trafficking, depression, abuse, rape, mental problems of all kind, molestation, suicide, jail release, domestic violence, abandonment, autism, cancer, sickle cell, drug and alcohol addiction/abuse the posture of her heart is for everyone.


Also, this club and foundation has a program to help and prepare young ladies and young mothers even in unplanned pregnancies to transition into womanhood or motherhood. We strongly participate in mental and health awareness programs and we also raise money and provide scholarships.


When you join the Chocolate Barbiee & Brothers Billionaire Club & Foundation you are not only joining the club but with your monthly contributions and membership you are making a difference by helping and impacting many lives around the world which is included through this foundation. Also, the top members and contributors will receive 20% discount and a choice of Chocolate Barbiee or Brother Billionaire Club jacket or shirt.

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